A price per head service you can rely on!

The price per head business model concerning sports betting, race betting and online casino betting is becoming more and more popular with businesses ranging from individuals and companies who are looking to get involved with this hugely exciting and profitable business, all the way to those sportsbooks who are already established.

The price per head service has so many things going for it that to be perfectly honest, it is surprising that more business are not operating in this way.

If you are not aware of this business model, it is simply a way of running an online sportsbook, racebook and casino where you only pay for every active player that is registered with you. And what are you paying for you may ask?

Well, you are basically paying for a complete betting service that you can offer to your players under your own brand. It is better known as white labelling, ie, you customize the service to fit in with your own brand.

One thing that must be mentioned though is the need to ensure that the company which you choose to provide the service that you are offering is of the highest possible standard. Just as you will receive lots of praise from satisfied players if the service that you are promoting is first class, you will also fell the wrath of your players if the service that you are offering is not up to standard.

One company which is leading the field in terms of providing a price per head service is the highly respected Per Head Network. They are only too well aware how important it is that their service needs to be the best that it can possibly be and judging by the feedback from their satisfied clients, they are certainly doing something right!

More details about the price per head service can be found at www.perheadnetwork.com but when you take into consideration that the service which is on offer there starts at only $5 per head, you can see how cost effective this can be for any sporting agent who decides to get involved.

There are obviously many other reasons why the Per Head Network is widely considered as being one of the leaders within the industry but one feature that they offer in particular is already receiving wide acclaim.

The interactive business intelligence tools that come as standard with the Per Head Network really are ground breaking in their effectiveness. The dashboard which is part of the admin facilities is a case in point; from this dashboard it is possible to analyze player betting trends and data which any successful sports betting agent will tell you, is absolutely crucial to make the big profits in your business.

It should also be noted that it is not only the sportsbook which is part of this price per head service; there is also a racebook and an online casino, all of which feature the latest technology which all the vast majority of your players will be expecting.

Whilst there are other providers who are able to provide a price per head service, the Per Head Network are proud to be leading the way, the way that others choose to follow. They are so confident in the service that they offer, they are happy to offer a two week trial period so that new clients are able to experience at first-hand how this method of running a sportsbook and casino will take some beating. Talk about putting their money where their mouth is, but when you have a business model which is as robust as this one, the Per Head Network know only too well that their offering will take an awful lot of beating!

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