About Per Head network.

Please take a good look at this page and the information we provide here. Then compare it to all other providers and ask yourself the following questions: if you claim what you are doing is legal, then why all the secrecy? Why are they asking you for your information, but are not willing to give up their information? Where do you go when your PPH provider suddenly disappears? Who do you call?

Our Ownership

Our owners are Canadian and American. They have been in the online business since 1995 and some were bookies long before that. They know what it is like to have multiple phones and sit in the backroom during Christmas answering phones and writing hand tickets. They make sure our staff knows what you need and what you want.

Our company

Our company is incorporated to local law and has the local gaming license to operate an online gaming company. PPH operators provide a (combined) service for call centers, website hosting and risk management and are therefore not gaming companies.

Our management team







Agent & Player Management




Risk management


Our complete management team has worked at 8 different online sportsbooks in 3 different countries. They have a combined experience on 4 different sportbook platforms and with even more casino and horse book suppliers. They know the industry.

Our tour

Still not convinced? Come by and take the tour. Not a virtual tour, but an actual tour. Let us know when you can visit and we will show you around.

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