Choose the best bookie software for a hassle free business

If you have ever placed a bet online, apart from choosing your selection carefully, you probably have not even given what goes on in the background much thought. After all, as long as you have been given the odds you were looking for and were also able get place your full wager that is really all that you should be concerned about. Here’s the thing though, the bookie software that is used for you to place your bets needs to be carefully monitored at all times.

In the case of a sportsbook, as well as many different sports being covered, there are often over a hundred games at any one time in some of these sports, and for each game or match where the odds are being offered, there are many different markets.

As an example, let’s look at the UK soccer market. On a Saturday afternoon, UK time, there are upwards of 60 soccer games being played and each one of these games can have upwards of 60 different bets. First goal scorer, correct score, half time/full time, do you get the picture?

The bookie software has to monitor all of these soccer matches and even though it usually runs by itself, it still has to be closely monitored by a large team of experts to ensure nothing untoward happens. It obviously goes without saying that the bookie software and the team behind it costs the online bookie a great deal of money to run.

This fact has always been the main reason to stop new entrants to this fast evolving market from getting involved. Apart from the enormous start-up costs and the huge amount of resources that are required, the online gambling market has been described as a minefield for those operators who are underfunded or lack the experience and know how to make something like this work.

There is however some good news on the horizon for those who want to get involved in this highly lucrative business but who have not got started for the reasons already mentioned. There is now a business model which is often known as a per head opportunity and it instantly overcomes all of the problems that we have already spoken about.

It really is a master stroke of an idea and this is how it works. An individual or company simply signs up with a pay per head bookie software provider and for the privilege of using this software along with the infrastructure that goes with it, they just have to pay a fee for every active player.

This includes the actual sportsbook, racebook and casino website which can all be easily customized to give it that feeling of uniqueness. It really is a great opportunity and one of the leaders in the field in terms of providing a white label business such as the is the Per head Network. You will only hear good things about these guys and further information about everything that they are able to offer can be found at

We have already mentioned the fact that a fee is only payable for every active player who you attract but with the Per Head Network, they take things one step further. They only charge $5 for every player and if that wasn’t enough, they also offer a no charge two week trial so that you can get a teste of what it is all about.

This really is a wonderful opportunity and something that any aspiring entrepreneur should seriously consider getting involved with.

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