Choose the best bookie software for a hassle free business

There really never has been a better time to become a pay per head agent because the options that are now open to you mean that it has never been easier to offer an online gambling service to your players and to make a great profit from it.

Even though there have been jurisdiction issues over the past few years, the online gambling industry has gone from strength to strength and many experts are of the agreement that this trend will definitely continue over the months and years ahead as more and more people start to place bets and play casino games online.

One reason for this is the advent of mobile technology and the ability for players to gamble online. When you take into consideration that the vast majority of people in the western world now have a mobile phone and/or a tablet which they can use to gamble on, the potential really is mind blowing and it does not take the brains of a rocket scientist to realize that these are exciting times for anyone who has positioned themselves to offer a betting service to their players.

It goes without saying though; just having a mobile presence is not enough. If you have placed a bet through your computer or by using a mobile phone you will be only too well aware the standard of the gambling websites, depending on which organization you are betting with, can vary greatly.

It is no use at all if you are not at the cutting edge of what is already out there. This is a very fast moving business and players are getting very choosy about who they do business with, they want the very best and to be frank, they deserve to get it.

This is why a pay per head agent should choose their software provider carefully. Even though the pay per head business model is very cost effective in terms of getting involved and operating the service, but you really do need to get it right from the very beginning and that means choosing a software provider who is at the top of their game.

Any agent who has been around this game for longer than 5 minutes will confirm that not all software providers are equal. Some of them promise the earth but unfortunately end up delivering so very little.

Let’s look at the ability to accept bets from a mobile device. Having a mobile website in place should be standard these days but you might be surprised how many providers will not be able to allow you to accept bets in this way, instead telling you that it is something that their ‘experts’ are working on and it will be available in the near future. To be brutally honest, that is just not acceptable and every pay per head agent needs to be able to compete with the big boys now, not at some time in the future.

One of the leaders in the pay per head industry would have to be the Per Head Network. It goes without saying that the package that they are able to offer not only means you will be able to accept bets placed by a mobile device but also a wealth of other features which means that they stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

Their website can be found at and you will be able to see at a glance why they have such a good reputation. Well worth further investigation if you are a pay per head agent but whoever you end up working with, take the time to ensure that they are able to offer you and your players the kind of service that you both deserve.

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