Pay per head software which is leading the field

It is basically the quality of the pay per head software and the company behind it which will go a long way to determining the success of an online gambling website which chooses to go down this path.

It is common knowledge that the online gambling industry is a highly competitive one to succeed in, and whilst the pay per head business model makes entry into the market far easier, it is absolutely imperative that the very best company and pay per head software is used, otherwise, without wanting to put a finer point on it, you will be doomed to failure.

Because there is such an enormous demand for pay per head software, as you would probably expect, there are many companies who are advertising their wares and lay came to being the very best option out there.

This is unfortunately not the case and some pay per head software providers are sadly lacking in what they have to offer. There are though, a few providers who stand head and shoulders above their competitors and one of those is the Per Head Network. This outfit offers an outstanding service and are committed to being at the forefront of this exciting industry. The feedback from their many satisfied clients is first class and if first impressions are anything to go by, this company takes some beating.

Ok. So the first impressions are very good but what about when you get down to the nitty gritty, will doing business with the Per Head Network mean that you will be able to offer your players an experience which compares with the more well-known brands. Well, you will be pleased to know that you will not be disappointed, take a look at some of the features that is included with their pay per head software.

  • Prices per head as low as 5 USD for internet only - casino and horses included
  • First two weeks of service are free
  • 24/7 Sports Call Center
  • 2 Secure Datacenters
  • Mobile wagering and Mobile agent reports
  • Custom websites and dedicated 800 numbers available
  • Bookies can leverage their sports bookmaking business with interactive business intelligence tools and dashboards that analyze player betting trends and data

Study the above points with great interest because if you compare those features with other movers and shakers within the pay per head software business you will find that many of them don’t even come close.

The stability of the betting platform as well as the security when making transactions has to come high on the list of requirements and as you can see from the Per Head Network, they are certainly not lacking with those features.

Another aspect of this business opportunity which can be found at is the ability for your players to place bets using their mobile devices. Many providers of this type promise that this facility will be available in the future but with the Per Head Network, it is available here and now. Not only that, there is real time reporting system included which will display the activity of all of the players, this included a number of different stats which will go a long way to making your business a profitable one.

All in all, the Per Head Network offer a fantastic opportunity which will enable anyone, whether an established business or even someone who wishes to get involved with offering an online gambling service for the first time, to get started straight away with a minimal investment.

Only a few short years ago, getting involved in something like this would have cost a small fortune but thanks to the Per Head Network, not anymore!

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