Pay per head sports betting on a higher level

Pay per had sports seems to be the buzz phrase at the moment when it comes to anyone who wishes to get involved with offering an online sports betting service. It is of little wonder why this business model is so popular because it enables anyone to get involved in this fantastic business for such a low investment.

Not only that, if a pay per head sports betting provider is chosen which is a leader in the field, the quality of the sportsbook will be on a par with the main players within the industry. When all of this is taken into account it is not difficult to understand the attraction.

In many other types of business, white labelling is the preferred route to take and this is what in effect, the pay per head sports betting business model really is.

A great example of this business at its very best would have to the opportunity which is offered by the Per Head Network. They have everything down to a ‘T’ and few people would argue that their opportunity I the best that is out there.

Their charges per head for each active player start from a remarkable $5 and for that you really do get the works, so to speak. To start with, there is a choice of templates which means that your sportsbook will be unique and you can concentrate on branding it in your own style.

When that aspect of the setup is sorted out you will be left with a fully functional sportsbook which offers a full range of betting opportunities for your players. Also don’t forget that there is a racebook and casino which is attached to the sportsbook. Just the same as all of the big brands in the market, you will be in a position to offer your players all that they will ever need.

It goes without saying though; to really make your mark in this industry it is imperative that you have the edge over your competitors. Many of the pay per head sports providers just give the impression that all you have to do have a sportsbook/casino online and the profits will follow.

The Per Head Network are different in that they are able to provide their clients with various tools which will ensure that they are ahead of the game and the power of this aspect of their offering should definitely not be under estimated.

These tools give real time information which shows you exactly what is going on with your players. The ability to see the size of the bets which are being placed, along with the total exposure in the various markets are priceless. This kind of information puts you in control of your business and lets you alter the odds and lines accordingly.

All of this information is set out in an easy to use dashboard which will enable the user to spot in an instant any trends or opportunities in which to take action. When you take into consideration that all of this is included in the $5 per active player, it is not difficult to see what excellent value for money is being offered here.

More information can be found at the site but for anyone who is still not sure about what is involved; they do offer a free two week trial. Quite a clever move really because it is doubtful that when anyone has experience what this highly reputable company has to offer, it is highly doubtful that they will ever want to look elsewhere.

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