Pay per player to keep the costs down!

Just what is the pay per player business model that everyone seems to be raving about these days? Everywhere you look would suggest that this is the very best way of doing business for those who wish to enter the online gambling industry but is it really as good as people say.

Of course, there are many different opinions when it comes to this way of doing business but if you were to ask experts within the gambling industry, the vast majority would probably agree that the pay per player model should most definitely be investigated further.

The pay per player business opportunity works by offering a white label website which you can then brand as your own. Some of the better providers allow users to operate a sportsbook, racebook and casino and most people know only too well that a successful online gambling website can generate an awful lot of money for those involved.

It should be pointed out though that this really is a highly competitive business to get involved with and anyone who thinks that a run of the mill betting website will suffice will find themselves extremely disappointed.

Some of the pay per player operators make a point in their sales material that it is enough to just have a betting website and that they will be able to make a great living from it. That unfortunately is not correct because if the gambling website is not able to offer the latest betting lines or in the case of the casino, the latest games, it will sadly fade away whilst players choose to go with the competitors.

With that in mind, when entering the pay per player market, it is important that a provider is chosen who is able to offer a sportsbook, racebook and casino that compares with big operations and one who has the back up to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

You will be pleased to know that there is one company in particular which stands head and shoulders above the rest and which offers a business which offers extremely good value for money for everyone who wishes to get involved.

The Per Head Network which can be found at is widely regarded as being the best in the business and will allow people to get involved using the pay per player model and only $5 per player.

This really is remarkable value for money and as there is no minimum number of players required anyone can go down this route and be up and running in no time at all. There are a number of templates available which means that you can customise your sportsbook and casino to suit your own brand.

There are a wealth of other factors included in this price which includes a call center should your players experience any problems but it would be fair to say that the deal on offer from the Per Head Network is the complete solution for anyone who wishes to get involved.

Setting up an online gambling website with these guys is extremely easy to do and you can be up and running within the shortest possible space of time. Any problems and the helpline will soon have you sorted but it really is easy to do.

Don’t forget that all of this really is state of the art and your players will think that your online operation is run by a large corporation because everything about it suggests that you really are a big name within the industry, which if you think about it, you are!

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