Deposit options

PHN offers a variety of easy to use payment options for our members. Once you make a deposit your weekly payment is automatically deducted from your agent account every Monday Morning. Whether you have 10 players or 500, you are only billed for players that actually played that week. We have several payment options for you to choose from. Just let us know which one you prefer. The following options can be used depending on the amount being sent:



  • We accept Western Union and MoneyGram money transfers.
  • Simply contact our Support staff and we will provide the
    nearest location to you and all the instructions necessary to make your deposit.

Money Orders

  • US money orders can be purchased at USPS, Western Union, Money Gram, Walmart and many other places.
  • Please contact our Support staff via chat or email for sending instructions.


  • Bitcoins will be converted to US Dollars and applied to your account.
  • For information on Bitcoins, please contact our Support staff. You can review the following address for more info on how to buy Bitcoins:

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