Price per head agents – Pitfalls to be aware of

Price per head agents everywhere are really starting to see the benefits of doing business in this way as the online gambling industry is seeing enormous growth, month on month. It is widely thought that the impressive growth can at least partly be attributed to the fact that bets are now able to be placed using mobile technology.

The thing is though, since the price per head business model came to the fore, agents who have been prepared to roll their sleeves up and get on with promoting their brand have seen enormous success and these latest developments means that more and more agents are in for some very good times ahead.

So the big question has to be, what kind of work do price per head agents have to carry out of they want to see the most success over the shortest possible time? Before we answer that question though, the first steps that have to be taken is to ensure that the service that you are offering your player is top notch and one that will offer them a secure playing environment, off software which is not liable to crash when there is allot of traffic, not to mention being able to process transactions in a secure manner.

It is no use at all if you are spending your time promoting your sportsbook, racebook and casino only to find that once your players get there they end up being disappointed. We will cover which provider we have found to offer the best service later, but this aspect of your business is something that you must get right.

Ok, the methods to promote your business are endless and there is lots of help online to show you the ropes but perhaps your first port of call should be social media. Facebook and Twitter can both be extremely effective for the promotion of your business and the power of a few simple YouTube videos can drive floods of quality traffic.

The list of methods is endless and you will be doing yourself a big favour if you can become familiar with how it all works. If you can master the art of marketing your business, any business for that matter, your success will be assured.

We mentioned earlier that we would reveal the pay per head provider who we feel is at the top of their game and who would make an ideal business partner for price per head agents who are serious about going out there and making money.

From our research and the feedback from within the industry, we would have no hesitation in recommending the Per Head Network who really are taking the world by storm with the service that they are able to offer.

Talk about raising the bar, these guys not only offer a first class service but also actually care about your success. It is not very often that you will find back up such as this but the Per Head Network will be there for you every step of the way with help and advice.

More details can be found at but just have a quick look at a small taste of what they have to offer.

  • 24/7 Sports Call Center
  • 2 Secure Datacenters
  • Mobile wagering and Mobile agent reports
  • Custom websites and dedicated 800 numbers available
  • Bookies can leverage their sports bookmaking business with interactive business intelligence tools and dashboards that analyze player betting trends and data

They really do have everything going for them and per head agents everywhere would be well advised to look a little deeper into exactly what they have to offer.

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