Price per head bookmaking – just as it should be done

Have you ever been lost in thought and dreamt about what it must be like to be a bookmaker with your very own online business. Being able to set the line in your own sportsbook as well as being able to offer your players a racebook and online casino to keep them amused.

Most people with an interest in gambling have a secret goal of being a bookmaker but those goals are soon shattered if steps are taken into investigating exactly what is involved in setting up a bookmaking operation.

If it was just a case of having a website offering betting services it may be doable for some but when everything else is taken into account, the software which process the bets, the datacenters that are required to ensure that all transactions are as secure as possible. Not to mention the staff that are required and the constant need to be looking for changes within the industry to ensure that your online bookmaking business offers an experience that your players won’t forget.

Before you give up all hope though and resign yourself to staying in the day job for years to come, there is an opportunity out there which could just enable you to make your dreams come true.

This opportunity comes in the form of something called price per head bookmaking and when you realize what is involved you will see that it really is a wonderful opportunity which will allow an entrepreneur to get involved in this truly wonderful business and go on to set something up that will give them a great lifestyle over the months and years ahead.

To sum up how the price per head bookmaking model works it is best to look at a company who are commonly believed to be the leaders in the field, the Per Head Network. This revolutionary company have a set up by which sports betting agents can choose from a number of different website templates and basically set up a betting business right out of the box.

Everything is already in place, the infrastructure which means that bets can be placed quickly and securely as well as a large backroom staff who is equipped to handle all of the admin side of the business.

As you would expect from the title, the price per head bookmaking business model charges for each active player that you have signed up to your business with no minimum number. When you take into consideration that this price starts at only $5 per head it doesn’t take long to see how cost effective it all is.

More information can be found at the website,, but you will soon see that it is a business model which could very well make your dreams come true. It is in fact so good that it would be easy to come to the conclusion that there must be a catch somewhere. After all, how an earth can this company afford to offer a service like this for only $5 per head? That’s a fair assumption and an even fairer question it is simply a case of supply and demand. There are so many betting agents who are looking for something like this, the figures add up for the Per head Network and that is the reason that they are able to offer something which is as brilliant as this.

Do yourself a favour and go and look at the service that the Per Head Network company has to offer, you just may find that it could change your life!

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