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The Per Head Network are proud to be able to offer a price per head poker service and anyone who has been involved in online poker in the past will tell you, this can prove to be a highly profitable operation if it is run in the correct manner.

Online poker attracts players of all ages and all income brackets and if they are receiving a good experience they tend to stay with their chosen poker room.

The price per head poker at the Per Head Network is right up there with the best of them in terms of using the latest cutting edge technology as well as a stable platform and secure datacenters.

It should be noted that the price per head poker which is offered here is more of a hands off operation when compared to the sportsbook for example. With the sportsbook there is the ability to change the odds and line in relation to the weight of money but the poker room simply runs itself. This also applies to the price per head casino which is also a service offered by this company.

Another aspect of the service which can be found at the is that they are able to provide custom websites for clients to offer not only poker but also a sportsbook, racebook and a casino.

The best way to describe this kind of service is as white labelling but it is a business model that more and more astute individuals and companies are realizing that it is one of the most profitable and cost effective ways to do business today.

For those who are interested in going down the more traditional route of operating an online poker room, the costs are enormous and it is often the case that those who are just making preliminary enquiries are shocked when it comes to the time and money that is involved.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the obvious costs are merely scratching at the service and when legislation is amongst many other matters are taken into account, it is not unusual for people to dismiss the complete opportunity as something of a nonstarter.

This is a great shame because a quick browse through industry journals will confirm that if the basic set up is correct, an online poker room really is a license to print money. This makes the opportunity which is offered by the Per Head Network an even more attractive one because the set up that they are able to provide really is second to none.

The great thing about a pay per head poker service such as this is that you can concentrate of the marketing of your brand. You can promote the poker room, safe in the knowledge that it is amongst the best on the market and your players will be able to play in a safe and controlled environment which means that they will return to play again and again.

Should they come across any problems, support is provided as part of the package and all of the staff who are employed by the Per Head Network are helpful and extremely knowledgeable about the products that they are working with.

The same thing applies to any problems or questions that you may have as an operator. It is just as though you have your own team of agents who are working around the clock for your operation, and this is in fact just what it looks like to your players.

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