Price per head sportsbook – The only way forward

More and more bookmakers are slowly starting to realize that the way forward surly has to be going down the route of a price per head sportsbook. It doesn’t really matter if you are an established sportsbook or an individual or company who is thinking of getting involved, few experts within the industry would argue that a price per head sportsbook is the way to go.

Before we start talking about the reasons that this model is hard to beat, it would be worth mentioning a company who are earning rave reviews due to the excellent service they offer. The Per Head Network are experts in the field of the price per head sportsbook and it would be fair to say they are leading the field in the industry.

When getting involved in this lucrative business, it is hugely important that you go with a company who you can trust and after only a short conversation with these guys you will realize that you couldn’t be in safer hands.

Ok, if you are not familiar with this particular business model, don’t worry because it is very straightforward. As the name suggests, you simply pay for each one of your customers but the value for money you get by doing this should not be under estimated.

Do you know how much is would otherwise cost to set up the infrastructure for your own sportsbook service. Never mind the software, what about the hiring up and the training of the people to work for you.

You don’t have to worry about any of this with the price per head sportsbook model and the people at ensure that the setting up of your operation is especially straight forward.

The Per Head Network ensures that your customers can access the website to place bets 24/7 and 365 days per year but not only that. Apart from the sportsbook there is also a racebook and a state of the art casino. Are you starting to get excited by the possibilities here?

One particular aspect of the Per Head Network which should also be mentioned is the real time reporting facility. At a glance you will be able to see exactly what your players are doing and if you so wish, you will be able to alter the lines on the sportsbook accordingly.

Any sports betting agent will know only too well that it is really important to be able to track exactly what is going on with regards the weight of money etc and with this live reporting, doing so is a piece of cake.

Take some time to do the math and compare what it should cost you for something like this to the price that the Per Head Network charges. They start off at an amazing $5 per head so let’s hope that none of the sportsbooks that have spent an absolute fortune on their set up are reading this because the chance are that they will have turned a very putrid shade of green!!

If all that wasn’t enough, the company have a promotion running at the moment where there is no charge for the first two weeks of service. That will surely be enough time to realize that you have got yourself the bargain of the century and that the possibilities for the future of your business have never looked better.

Exciting times indeed for anyone who wishes to get involved and you can concentrate on building your brand whilst your players are being looked after in the very best possible way by the Per Head network.

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