Take some advice from a n offshore sports bookmaker

If you have read in the press about online bookies moving offshore have you ever asked yourself why. The very term offshore sports maker has come about because bookies are always looking for ways to increase their bottom line and the fact of the matter is that because they are earning so much money, they have to pay more in tax as a whole than the gross revenue of some small countries.

In years gone by, it was always a well-known fact that bookies made lots of money, hence the saying; you will never see a poor bookie! With the advent of online gambling, bookies are making more money than ever before and even though many savvy entrepreneurs fully realize this, they know that they cannot really help themselves to a slice of this delicious pie because the costs to get involved are completely beyond their reach.

You only have to scrape the service about what is involved in setting up and running an online bookmaker, not to mention the casino that online players expect to be available to they can keep themselves amused whilst there are no sporting event to place bets on. As well as the set up costs there are the staff to employ, not any old staff but experts who have an in depth knowledge when it comes to different sports but who are also able to advise when it comes to technical matters that are always associated with placing bets online.

Well, it could be argued that a committed entrepreneur will always be able to find a way around any problem and that after all, is what doing business is all about but due to an upturn in events, those individuals and companies who wish to get involved in the world of online gambling might not have to look very far.

Before we go any further, head on over to www.perheadnetwork.com and see what you think. This revolutionary company is able to offer what is commonly known as a pay per head business model which will enable entry into the lucrative online gambling market that would not have been possible before. The Per Head Network are able to offer their clients an opportunity to have their own sportsbook, casino and racebook and they only have to pay a fee for each active player. Absolutely everything is covered within this fee, the sportsbook casino and racebook, the staff that will make sure that everything runs smoothly and absolutely everything in between.

Now you could be forgiven for thinking that this fee would be several hundred dollars but what if you were to be told that it is only $5, that’s correct, $5. It certainly takes some beating doesn’t it?, and on top of that this company are prepared to give all new clients a 2 weeks trials so that they can satisfy themselves that this opportunity really is the best thing since sliced bread.

It should also be mentioned here that the sportsbook, racebook and casino that are provided are not some old dated set ups that no one is really interested in playing anymore. They are state of the art, the same level that are being utilized by the leading players in the industry.

Getting involved in what is basically the ground floor of this wonderful opportunity is something that really should be considered. If you are someone who is prepared to get stuck in with this business, the rewards could very well be higher than you could possibly imagine.

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