The pay per head network to write home about

The Per Head Network or the pay per head network as the company is sometimes referred to, is showing no signs at all of sitting back on their laurels and enjoying their success. Not a bit of it! They are continuing to raise the bar in terms of what is possible in this exciting, fast paced industry and that is surely great news for their existing clients and those that are thinking of doing business with them in the future.

Before we go any further, if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of dealing with this company, go and take a quick look at their website at,  where it will become clear that this company is unique in that they genuinely put the satisfaction of their client way above anything else.

Many companies in a wide variety of businesses claim to do this, but the Per Head Network are the real deal and judging by the positive feedback that they are receiving from their clients, it would seem that they are definitely doing something right!

Ok, we are agreed that their reputation is second to none but surely there must be more to it than that, what else is it about their operation?, is it that means that they are a company who you should jump at the chance of doing business with. Before we go any further, take a look at the flowing features of the pay Per Head Network which this time concentrates more on the actual business opportunity as opposed to the people who are behind it.

  • Prices per head as low as 5 USD for internet only - casino and horses included
  • First two weeks of service are free
  • 24/7 Sports Call Center
  • 2 Secure Datacenters
  • Mobile wagering and Mobile agent reports
  • Custom websites and dedicated 800 numbers available
  • Bookies can leverage their sports bookmaking business with interactive business intelligence tools and dashboards that analyze player betting trends and data
  • Let players buy up to 10 points - pinny style

The mention of mobile wagering there in particular should draw your attention. With the advent of mobile technology, more and more people are wanting to place bets whilst they are on the move. If you thought that placing bets over the internet was impressive, you ain’t seen nothing until you realize what is available when using a smartphone or tablet.

This has increased the volume of bets that are placed in the industry by a huge amount and you will be glad to know that the Per Head Network has embraced this technology with everything that they have got. Many pay per head providers will readily tell you of the advantages of mobile betting but when pushed, they will tell you that it is something that is not quite in place at the moment. There is none of that nonsense when you deal with the Per Head Company because your players will be able to place bets on their mobile devices now, today!

As with all aspects of the pay per head service that is being offered here, full reporting is offered as standard so that at any given time you can see at a glance exactly what all of your players are doing. How much money they are winning, how much they are losing, how long they have been online for and that is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stats and reporting which all go to making your life easier. It’s all good stuff and you would be doing yourself a big miss-service if you didn’t look into the many benefits that the Per Head Network is able to offer you.

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