Wager Wire

It's Game Time - Do you know where you’re Action Is? With Wager Wire mobile App we have you covered! Know the moment they place a wager in real-time and have all the details at your fingertips. No need to spend your entire day in front of a computer screen worrying about your exposure. PHN gives you the tools necessary to spend your time doing more productive things, like growing your player base or enjoying the success that you’ve achieved.

Wager Wire Alert

Wager Wire keeps you up to date in real-time with your players' action to help protect your bottom line. Simply set the alert for the specific player(s) and select the desired filter(s) to receive instant notification via your cell phone with all of the wager details you would need to make any necessary adjustments. Don't spend countless hours watching your computer screen. Wager Wire allows you the freedom to get out and enjoy life, or just kick back with the peace of mind that you have everything covered.



WagerWire is now available for Android devices. Simply visit the Google Play Store to download.



To install WagerWire on your iPad or iPhone, just visit the iTunes store to download.