Anderson Silva stopped by Uriah Hall at UFC Fight Night, won’t say MMA career over

Uriah Hall and Anderson Silva both knelt down on the mat, head to head, and clasped each other's hands. Both got emotional showing the other respect following a hard-fought UFC bout. Blood poured from Silva's face.

"I love you," Hall told Silva. "You're still one of the greatest."

Hall stopped Silva via TKO at 1 minutes, 24 seconds of the fourth round Saturday in the main event of UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas. Hall clipped Silva, widely considered one of the greatest fighters in MMA history, with a right hand and then concluded with a flurry on the ground.

The fight was billed by the promotion as Silva's last fight in the UFC, and Silva said afterward that it was his "last show for the UFC fans and the UFC family." However, when asked if this would be his last MMA fight, he did not commit to it being the end.

"I don't know," Silva stated. "First, I go back home and go see with my team and everything. Let's see. Because it's tough to say it's my last or not. This is my air. This is what I do for my entire life and with my heart. Let's go see."

After the card, UFC president Dana White told ESPN's Brett Okamoto that he thinks it's time for Silva to "hang it up," adding that if he wants to continue his MMA career it won't be with the UFC.

Silva, 45, has one more fight left on his UFC contract and has said that he would compete elsewhere if the UFC didn't want him back.

White stated he and Silva had a deal before Saturday's fight was signed that it would be Silva's last fight. The UFC boss said he hopes Silva goes home and his family talks him into hanging up the gloves. White said he regrets letting Silva fight Saturday.

"I made a big mistake," White said. "I shouldn't have let him fight this fight tonight. But out of respect for him -- he's a legend of this sport, a legend of this company -- I did something I didn't agree with. ... Anderson Silva should never fight again."

White said Hall is "one of the most gun-shy fighters in the UFC" and if Silva continues to fight it could be dangerous.

"You fight any of these other savages, [Silva will] be in big trouble and he'll take a s---load of punishment," White said.

White said he isn't certain if the UFC will release Silva from his contract, but recognized that other promotions would likely sign Silva if he were released. White said it would be "disgusting" if an athletic commission continues to permit Silva to compete.