The pay per head call center who are always ready to help

An awful lot has been said about the enormous benefits of the software etc which is used for a pay per head sportsbook and casino but there is another aspect of an operation such as this which in many expert’s eyes, is the most important of the lot.

If you haven’t already guessed, this is the pay per head call center. This is the aspect which is often over looked by people who are searching for a per head provider to partner with. Just like a player at an online casino, it is easy to be seduced by the flashing lights and background music but a poor call center will mean one thing and one thing only, you will lose players fast.

So, let’s have a look at an example. You would be surprised how many people who are interested in placing bets online are completely computer illiterate and without being disrespectful, especially the older generation, who might be using a computer or smart phone for the first time.

The chances are that some of them will need help, it might be that they can’t find their log in details, it might be that they can’t find the bet that they are looking for and to be honest, it could also be 101 other reasons.

Now what do you think would happen if they telephoned the call center and after asking their question, being met with a sigh followed by a rude answer. We all know that there are call center staff like that and it is just not acceptable. For some people it takes a lot of courage to phone up and ask a question, a question that they perceive as being stupid but without the answer they will be unable to continue.

Don’t think that people like this are few and far between because they are not and if you do not take care to ensure that the per head provider that you choose carefully vets and trains their call center staff, it will end up losing you money.

One company who take great care in ensuring that their call center staff treat all of the players who phone up like they are the most important people in the world is the highly renowned, Per Head Network. From the outset, these guys have been determined to stand out like a beacon when it comes to everything about the service they offer, but the pay per head call center is something which really is top class.

Further details about the Per Head Network can be found at and it should be mentioned that the same attention to detail which is offered to players contacting them is matched by the call center which offers help and advice to the clients of the Per Head Network who are offering an online gambling service.

What’s more, the call center that this company provides to its clients and players is available around the clock. Do you realize what an enormous benefit this is as it is a commonly known fact within the industry that a well-staffed helpline increases the turn over at any online casino or sportsbook? Think about it for one minute, let’s say that someone is playing on the casino in the early hours of the morning and they come across a problem. If they get a poor response when trying to sort out the problem over the telephone, the chances are that they will simply shut the computer down or even worse, decide to play at one of your competitors! On the other hand, if a helpful and polite customer services agent is prepared to help them, they will carry on playing to their hearts content.

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