The very best price per head provider

When it comes to the opportunity which is being offered to anyone who is thinking of starting an online gambling business, the question which often pops up is ‘what is the best price per head?’ If you are not familiar with this aspect of the business you may be scratching your head and asking what an earth is price per head?

Well, it is all very simple to explain but don’t let that simplicity divert your attention from the fact that the pay per head business model is revolutionary in terms of allowing companies and individuals to get involved in this highly lucrative business.

To put it in a nutshell, price per head is where a provider will supply an online sportsbook, casino and racebook with everything that goes with it, the complete infrastructure, the software and even the customer support. The client can then use various templates that are available to brand their own website and then offer a top of the range gambling service to their players.

This basically removes any hurdles for anyone who wishes to get involved because if you wanted to go down the more traditional route of starting an online gambling operation it would end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and that does not even include the on-going costs of staff etc.

So, we have established that this is a pretty nifty business model but what is the best price per head which is out there. The thing to remember is that it could be a big mistake just to make your judgement based on the price alone. Take a little time to find out what you will actually be getting for your money and then make your decision who to do business with accordingly.

As luck would have it though, one of the best pay per head providers out there is also one of the cheapest, go figure that out! The Per Head Network offer what is probably the best all round pay per head service and charge their clients only $5 per head. Don’t think that there is some kind of catch because there most definitely isn’t, it is just one of the best services that you will find anywhere.

Take a look at what is just a small section of the features of this company below

  • 24/7 Sports Call Center
  • 2 Secure Datacenters
  • Mobile wagering and Mobile agent reports
  • Custom websites and dedicated 800 numbers available
  • Bookies can leverage their sports bookmaking business with interactive business intelligence tools and dashboards that analyze player betting trends and data

The interactive business tools which are mentioned above are especially worthy of a mention. In the world of pay per head bookies, this is unique and the client is able to see at a glance a myriad of facts about their players, all in real time. For those that are new to the business this might all seem slightly unnecessary but anyone who has been involved as a bookie in the past will know only too well that information such as this is absolutely priceless.

For more information about exactly what is on offer here it would be worth your while to take a look at the Per Head Network website at Everything is clearly laid out there so that you know exactly what to expect and you will be left in no doubt that the opportunity for you to go and make a really good income out of your own online betting website has never been better.

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