The pay per head racebook which is a sure fire winner

The traditional route of setting up an online racebook is renowned as being like stepping through a minefield. There are 101 things that have to be right and that is even before you start to run the business.

It should also be noted that the investment that is required to start up a venture such as this can be so large that it will literally blow your mind and that is probably the number one reason why companies and individuals decide to not pursue their dream of operating an online racebook.

You may be pleased to know though that there is a new kid on the block when it comes to setting up something like this and that is the pay per head racebook. Whoever came up with the idea of this business model deserves a medal because it is really is brilliant.

If you haven’t come across it before, the pay per head racebook is where anyone who wants to operate their own racebook simply has to sign up to a provider, enter a few details and then choose a racebook template so that their website looks unique, and then only pay for each active player who is placing bets with them.

So as you can see, the investment which is involved in something like this is no longer an obstacle to getting started. Some people though may get the impression that it is all just too good to be true. After all, it is not just the website that you are provided with, there is also all of the backroom staff who ensure that everything is running smoothly, as well as a 24/7 helpline that any of your players can use should they run into any problems.

You should also remember that this kind of set up is not just some cheap alternative to the racebooks that the big sportsbooks operate, the racebook that you will get with a pay per head racebook agreement in most definitely on a par with those of the big boys and your players will know that they are dealing with a quality product.

As you have probably guessed though, the providers who are able to supply a racebook of this type are not equal with regards to the quality of service that they are able to offer. Some will go the extra mile to ensure that their clients receive the best possible service whilst other are renowned for being sadly lacking in that department.

One provider who is well known in the online gambling industry for always putting their clients above everything else is the Per Head Network. There is just something about this company that really does stand out. The online gambling world is renowned for being about as cut throat as it is possible to be but these guys seem to actually care about the people who they do business with.

They have invested heavily in an infrastructure which ensures that their clients are placed at the cutting edge of developments when it comes to the pay per head racebook. One look at their website which can be found at will clearly show that going into business with the Per Head network is something of a no brainer due to both the level of service and the high level infrastructure that you will be dealing with.

These really are exciting times for anyone who wishes to get involved and as the online gambling market is getting bigger every day, it would be safe to assume that so are the profits for the businesses that are part of the wave, the big question is, will you be one of them?

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